In an industry where profitability is paramount, yet the issue of poultry welfare is hardly addressed, Metabolic Robots has succeeded in developing a unique robotic feeding system which focuses on both.

Metabolic Robots's innovative system provides farmers with an intuitive tool that automatically manages the amount of feed given at any moment; this significantly increases profitability through not only optimal feeding but also enabling minimum mortality, illness, and rivalry within the flock.


Poultry Industry Today
The poultry industry has long been struggling for profitability. In order to increase productivity, broilers (as well as other livestock such as turkey and pigs) are treated as a product in a production line with a fixed feeding rate and almost no regard for animal welfare.
Research shows that uncontrolled feeding rates and food line filling times cause random stops in feeding. This creates empty lines, loss of growth potential, loss of growing days, loss of vitality, and increased fees for food and heating energy. Together these factors lead to increased mortality.
The term "survival of the fittest" is common among the flock members. As a result this causes loss of potential income for growers.

Metabolic Robots is the Answer
The patented robotic system by Metabolic Robots enables farmers to automatically calibrate the feeding rate and the amount of food served.

In regard to marketing goals and animal welfare, this in turn saves substantial amounts of food and money for farmers and integrations through the process of turning corn into meat.

We at metabolic robots converted kai-zen philosophy into software and robotic technology. Our main objectives are enabling welfare and optimizing f.c.r. By adjusting the feeding rate to correspond with genetic data, we provide increased metabolism and thus welfare and profitability.

The robotic system can be deployed parallel to any existing feeding system at any location, and requires no special logistics for installation or operation.

Using the system, growers can now gather data related to feeding habits and see changes implemented in real time. This achieves optimal feeding, desirable metabolism for animal welfare, and many additional considerations that affect the flock's health, behavior and marketing goals.

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Advantages of Metabolic Robots
Metabolic Robots is a new technology that provides for significant improvement in animals' welfare and quality of life.
The robotic system fits any existing broiler house feeder. Any farm can install it instantly without the need for a technician.
The flock's metabolism, health and social behavior are controlled.
The system is provided with a ten-year guarantee.
Positive data decreases flock's stress: feeding rate and portion size are controlled according to the actual demand and the system definitions. As a result, the flock's metabolism, health, and social behavior are controlled as well.
The system can adjust the quantity and rate of feeding according to genetics, breed, age, actual demand for food, and broiler house engineering.
Benefits for the grower regarding the flock's quality of life and metabolism: increased and uniform weight, lower food costs, lower energy bills, improved texture, and a significant profit surplus (all compared with ordinary feeding systems).




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